Changes upcoming at the aois21 podcast network

Shows returning, new open call for audio team staff

The aois21 podcast network has been buzzing this month with footnote episodes of the Publish Me! podcast, but there is more to come in the months ahead.
In December, there will be two editions of The World's Only Podcast. In addition to the regular rundown of the headlines for November posting next week, there will a special episode coming on New Year's Eve. In this, we gathered together several stories from throughout the year that were cut for time but still had a degree of relevance. These "5th Segments" will begin being released on our Patreon account in the new year, so click here and become a patron in order to access this bonus audio material.
Three aois21 podcasts will be returning from hiatus in the new year. Passion on the Page will be back with new audio recorded at the Poetry Open-Mics at Walls of Books. I Stand will return with a second season of interviews after getting a huge response from a posting on
Tales from the Old New Land is being rebooted! The original Tales is now redubbed as Tales from the Old New Land: Rough Draft. All of those episodes will still be available but nothing more will be added except an update about the relaunch. The new version will be premiering soon with a new vision to carry the series forward.
It is with sadness that announce the departure of Zach C. Cohen, our Chief of Audio Production over the past 18 months. Zach recently started a new position in addition to getting married so he has decided to leave as of the today. We are eternally grateful for all Zach has done and wish him well in all endeavors in the future!
Though his departure is unfortunate, it spawns an opportunity. We are now looking for anyone interested in joining our audio staff. Several podcast series are now in need of producers to guide them from recording to release. All levels of audio training are welcome. Training will be provided if necessary. Workload depends on availability.
If you are interested in joining our audio team or have any other questions, feel free to contact us at!

King, Bowler lead Oct. sales

HIVE trilogy does well at book fairs, Bowler best online

A busy month of touring is in the books and it was an especially strong month of sales because of it. At book fairs in Frostburg, MD, and Fairfax, VA, James D. King was on top with his HIVE series. The second book in the series, HIVE: Battle at the Dog Star lead the way. Online it was poetry on top with Shiella Bowler's What This Black Woman Knows leading in sales.
As we move into the winter months and touring is limited, we'll be launching a number of promotions through the aois21 market and select distributors such as Smashwords or Barnes and Noble. Be on the lookout for both the 2018 #GiveABook campaign, as well as a special birthday celebration in early January.
We are grateful for the receptive audience we found at all of the wonderful events this past month. Our next festival will be Virginia Comicon in January at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. In the meantime, join us at Walls of Books for our many events and check us out online,
And remember to check out James, Shiella, and all of our other Creatives work

New Title Coming Soon: Miller Rounding Third

Tommy Reynolds' novel follows history of baseball & America

Sunday night the Boston Red Sox, the best team throughout the regular season, capped off their epic run by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series. With that bold stroke, the 2018 Major League Baseball season has come to a close. For most sports fans, that means turning your attention to another sport such as Hockey, but we here at aois21 think Baseball shouldn't be far from your mind.
We are happy to announce the long awaited release of Tommy Reynolds' Baseball novelMiller Rounding Third. The novel follows the Miller family as several generations take to the field, running the bases throughout the biggest moments in Baseball and American history. More details will follow over the coming weeks, but you can get your first peak of the book in the 2018 aois21 annual, where an excerpt appears. 
Originally released through another publisher under the title The Game: Baseball and America Growing Together, we are happy to work with Tommy to provide the necessary editing and design work to release the story he wants to tell.  In the coming weeks, we'll release the cover art, the preorder information, and finally the full release so be on the lookout.
For now, check out Tommy Reynolds' Creative page on our home on the web,

Thank you to our 2018 aois21 annual contributors

Submissions were low due to link error, falling interest

The 2018 aois21 annual is being distributed soon to preorders and contributors, but wanted to take a moment to thank all those who are taking part in this year's magazine, the final edition of the crowdfunded zine.
In poetry, we feature several poems by poet and musician Gareth Phillips. In short stories, aois21 Creatives James D. King and Deepan Chatterjee, Ph.D, are joined by previous contributor Boris Glebov. Throughout the annual, we once again have images from around the world by Adam Wallick. Capping it all off are videos from Keith F. Shovlin, in addition to a new poem, and the video introduction.
Submissions were steeply down from past years, possibly due to a technical glitch with the submission form on the aois21 annual page. The glitch was not resolved until the final week of the initial submission period. Though the period was extended two weeks, it did not result in a considerable number of submissions.
Visit the aois21 market today and reserve your copy and show your support for all of these excellent contributors!Thank you to our 2018 aois21 annual contributors

2018 aois21 annual hits the web this weekend

Fifth and final edition of the literary magazine on sale Sunday

Deadline is here and the staff and Creatives of aois21 are busy putting together the fifth and final edition of the aois21 annual. Submissions were light, owing partially to a technical glitch on the submission form, but we're still proud to present several great works from aois21 Creatives and friends.
We'll have the full list next week as part of the rollout of the magazine. Individual contributors are being contacted about availability to appear at the rollout event, Friday night at 6 pm at Walls of Books in Washington, DC. Come on out and join us as we celebrate their great work as well as the work of our staff and Creatives in assembling this edition.
Time is running out to preorder your copy and save half off! Visit the aois21 market now!

Join us this Saturday!

Community Day will feature special deals, author events

The 2018 Fall for the Book is on and we're excited to be a part of it once again. We'll be tabling at the book fair as part of Community Day on Saturday. Come on out as we'll be offering specials on the HIVE series, various other bundles of aois21 titles, and get print copies of the first two aois21 annuals for just $1 each.
Several aois21 Creatives will be stopping by and we may also be doing live recordings for the aois21 YouTube channel and Periscope feed. Who knows what all we'll get up to as we Fall for the Book this weekend!
Visit or for more information!


Athridge, Bowler top aois21 books sales in September

American Presidents at War does well ahead of busy October

We're about to hit the road for a series of book fairs across the MidAtlantic region, but before we do we look back at our book sales for the month of September. Once again, American Presidents at War by Thomas P. Athridge was dominant as our top selling paperback book. This month What this Black Woman Knows by Shiella Bowler was our bestselling eBook. Bowler's collection of has had up and down sales since it's rereleased in digital back in 2014. It's been a few months since it was the top eBook though.
You'll have a chance to pick up our entire catalog at the number of events this month. First up is this Saturday as we return to Frostburg, MD, for the 12th Annual Western Maryland Independent Literature Festival. It'll be nothing but wall to wall publishers in the Lyric Theater of the Center for Literary Arts in downtown Frostburg.
Check out the full list below and set your calendars. Many of our aois21 Creatives will be joining us for these events and there may also be some special bundles and activities to take part in.
In the meantime, check out our whole catalog at and the rest of our calendar at!

Preorder the 2018 aois21 annual next Tuesday!

Save 50% off the price by ordering your digital copy early

Submissions have been received and out review board is hard at work choosing the contributors to the 2018 aois21 annual. Let us know how much you're looking forward to this final edition of our literary magazine by preordering your digital copy starting Tuesday, October 2 on the aois21 market and Smashwords!
As a bonus, by preordering the annual 17 days early, you'll get it for half the price! That's just $3 for the fifth and final aois21 annual literary magazine. It's a price that cannot be beaten. 
This is the only place that you can see new work by all of your favorite aois21 Creatives as well as new and upcoming writers and creators, so click on over to the aois21 market next Tuesday and reserve your copy!

aois21 merch on TeePublic

Direct-To-Garment printing offers new items now for sale

aois21 is happy to announce a new partnership with the Direct-To-Garment printing service TeePublic. Visit the new aois21 merchandise site by clicking on the link or visit tee today and get your aois21 branded items. There is clothing for all ages and sizes. Drinkware, phone and laptop cases, wall art, tapestries and more!
Right now you'll find aois21-specific branded items as well as art from your favorite podcast series and select aois21 titles with more to come. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors and know that you are helping to support aois21 and its Creatives as well help share our stories with the world.
TeePublic is a curated community of designers that have been working to bring new artist's work to a wider audience by not requiring high amounts of overhead or upfront printing charges. The items you order from TeePublic will be made especially for you and shipped out to your quickly.
We're so excited about this new affiliation and we want to see you wearing our art! Tweet to us @aois21 when you receive your TeePublic orders, or post on Facebook or Instagram. Let us know what you think of our options. Feel free to suggest other items or artwork you want to see. Then come on out to any of our events over the next few months sporting your new TeePublic aois21 gear.
We'd love to see it on you, so visit today!

Vega and Athridge lead August sales for aois21

Rerelease for Athridge leads print, Dating still dominates eBook

aois21 had a strong month of sales in August as several eBooks were purchased across the digital marketplace and Aylin Vega's "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore was on top. In the physical space, the rerelease of American Presidents at War helped drive sales for Thomas P. Athridge with an event at Little Falls Library in Bethesda, MD. 
We're expecting September to a light month for sales are we put together the 2018 aois21 annual and prepare for several events during October including the Fall for the Book festival at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, the Western Maryland Indie Lit Festival at Frostburg State University, and the Blue Ridge Arts Festival in Charlottesville, VA. There will plenty of opportunities to meet with our Creatives and pick up copies of any of our great books this fall.
In the meantime, check out our catalog at and download an eBook or pick up a print copy today!

Submission period extended

Our search continues for new poetry, short stories, and more

August is quickly coming to a close and we are way behind our usual benchmark on submissions for the upcoming aois21 annual. As this is our last endeavor, we want to go out with a bang so we are extending our submissions period until September 15th!
So that's 15 extra days to submit your poetry, short stories, essays, excerpts, photography, art, audio, and video today! Not only do we want you to send your work in, we also want you to join us for the release party.
We'll be back at Walls of Books in Washington, DC for the release party on Friday, October 19th at 6 pm, replacing our previously scheduled Poetry Open-Mic. Instead we'll be opening the floor for our contributors to share their work. The event will be live-streamed on the aois21 Periscope feed and then shared on the aois21 YouTube channel and
Get your submissions in now and help us make this last edition the best!

aois21 wants you to vote!

Online event to help promote National Voter Registration Day

This fall, the entire U.S. House of Representatives, one third of the U.S. Senate, several Governors, and various other offices are up for election as part of the national Midterm elections. With public interest and involvement on the rise, aois21 wants to help eligible citizens have a voice by making sure they are registered to vote!

In the last general election, millions of Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register.

  • Many Americans are not aware that they must register to vote before they can cast a ballot, in some cases 30 days in advance of the election.
  • If you turned 18 recently, changed your name, moved, or haven’t voted in recent elections, then you need to update your voter registration.
  • One out of nine of Americans have moved in the last year, rendering their former registration outdated.

Updating your voter registration is the surest way to ensure a trouble-free experience at the polls.

After seeing how bookstores across the country are hosting events and helping customers register, we are determined to help out as well. We will be hosting an online webcast at 8 pm ET on the aois21 Periscope feed and YouTube channel on September 25th and sharing unique voter stories. Additionally we'll share details about all the races on the ballot this fall as every state has something to vote for.
Casting your vote is a chance for you to have a voice in your government, and aois21 is committed to helping others have a voice, so register to vote and let yourself be heard!

We need your critique!

Review aois21 podcasts on your preferred distributor's site

aois21 audio is stepping up it's call for listener feedback and is now taking that call to the distributors. We are continuing to ask for your feedback through our surveys at, but you can also help us by leaving a review on the podcast distributor of your choice. Reviews on distributors such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify help our series get attention from a wider audience. Though we can offer 21% off at the aois21 market for survey responses, our distribution agreements forbid us from offering the same reward for reviews. So instead, we'll offer you something better, a shout out!
Leave a review, good or bad, on any aois21 podcast on any of the distribution sites (Apple, Google, Spotify, Tune In, Stitcher, Podomatic, Souncloud, or and your review will be read (if appropriate) on a forthcoming episode of the podcast.
Click on over to today and let your voice be heard!

New edition of American Presidents at War released

Revised edition includes more stories from US History

aois21 Creative Thomas P. Athridge was on hand at Little Falls Library in Bethesda, MD, on Tuesday, August 14th, for the release of the revised edition of his popular history review, American Presidents at War. The nonfiction title that charts the actions of America's Commander in Chief from conflict to conflict was updated with even more stories from America's past, including more information about the Civil War, and the often overlooked War of 1812.
The new edition is now available in paperback from the aois21 market and Lulu.comwith more markets opening up. New versions will also be available in eBook this week. Visit today to get your copy!

Special event next week in Bethesda

On August 14th, join us for a special event at Little Falls Library in Bethesda, MD at 11 am as aois21 Creative  Thomas P. Athridge will speaking about his popular history title American Presidents at War. This event marks the official release of the second edition of the book with even more information and a new focus on a wider audience.
Go beyond the history books and high school courses and learn more about our country's various military endeavors in the pages of Tom's gripping narrative. New print copies will be available or order today from the aois21 market,, and everywhere books are sold.
Visit the aois21 market today and check out all of our titles!

Shayla Morris claims July

A Satisfied Black Woman is bestselling aois21 title

A Satisfied Black Woman, the erotic fiction novel from Shayla Morris, is the bestselling aois21 title for the month of July. One of aois21's earliest titles, it has frequently climbed to the top of our bestseller's despite a reclusive author who prefers to let her work speak for itself. Available from aois21 in eBook only, it has regularly grabbed attention for it's unique title and intriguing cover. Consider checking out the story yourself.

Submissions now open!

Fifth and final aois21 annual now accepting new stories

Submissions have opened for the 2018 aois21 annual, the fifth and final edition of the literary magazine. Storytellers can submit their short stories, essays, poems, excerpts, art, video, and audio by clicking on the link for this SurveyMonkey form. If accepted, you will be contacted to send your work for review. The final list of contributors will be announced in September.

Submit Today!

aois21 is also looking for advertisers for the annual. If enough advertisers can be found, a special limited edition print run will be completed, allowing free copies to all contributors. To advertise your business, product, or organization, fill out this form.
For more information about advertising rates and our submission policy,!

aois21 partners with impact

Several advertisers on board for aois21 podcast network

aois21 is happy to announce a new partnership with the internet marketing company Impact through their Impact Radius hub. Impact works with dozens of companies to connect them with web sites and other content providers that allow them to advertise their products and services.
From their website: 

Impact was founded in 2008 by a team of Internet marketing and technology experts who previously founded Commission Junction, and LeadPoint.

From the beginning, we disrupted the industry by moving away from the traditional affiliate network model and instead introducing a SaaS technology platform for performance marketing professionals to better grow and manage all their revenue generating partnerships.

With their help, the aois21 podcast network will be able to connect our growing stable of listeners with advertisers that we align with and provide a stable source of funding for the network. This will not only help provide additional content and support for your favorite podcast hosts, but also help us improve our technology including the construction of our own professional audio recording studio.

These new ads will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so visit your favorite podcast pages and click the links to savings and new products to make your life better.

Visit our network homepage at today to see the list of our new partners!

Tickets on sale for Judkins' stage play

Interlude to Sentimental Me! premieres in September

The stage play adaptation of Michael B. Judkins' poetry collection, Interlude to Sentimental Me!, is coming to Rosemont Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, PA on September 15th and 22nd and tickets are available now!
This one of a kind stage production was partially funded through an Indiegogo campaign last summer and has been building momentum throughout the year. A script reading was held this past week and the main characters have all been cast. aois21 is excited to see what has come of Creative Michael B. Judkins' work.
Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for youths 2 to 17, under 2 are free and seniors (60+) get in for just $7. Additionally, there is the VIP package: For $75 you get two tickets to either performance, plus dinner and drinks.
From the website:
"Based on the poetry collection self titled,” Interlude to Sentimental Me:, Mercury embarks on a journey of self discovery and creativity through his love for poetry and expressive art. He struggles with his desire to purse his dream of becoming an artist despite its instability, and realizes that his art is the only thing that keeps him stable. Many of his neighbors also have stories of similar struggles through love, heartaches, and emotional discord to find their own liberation.

First of the upcoming series of stories, Interlude to Sentimental Me- introduces the characters:

Solei (Mercury Sister), Leif (Solei boyfriend), Susan (Mercury Friend), Flora (Young Girl). Fiona ( Flora Mother), Alica ( Solei Friend), Crystal ( Solei Friend) Mrs. Rolansky ( Neighbor), Mr. Wakefield ( Neighbor) and the Neighborhood kids."
Get your tickets today and show your support for one of our Creatives as he continues to share his story with the world!


King rules June sales

Excellent sales at Va Comicon lift King back on top

aois21 Creative James D. King is the aois21 bestseller for the month of June with his HIVE series, which launched with HIVE: First Contact three years ago. Thanks to a bundle deal on print and eBook copies, the Va Comicon audience at George Mason University bought up the series and received special gifts too.
Those that purchased the HIVE bundle (all three books in print or eBook on Flash Drive) received a HIVE poster, mousepad, or bumper sticker. Either way, we left George Mason with far less books than we started, and it was easily our best Comicon ever, if not best event.
In addition to the strong sales for the HIVE series, aois21 Creative Philip J. Sipkov's biographical sketch Escape From Destiny was our bestselling eBook for the month. Escape From Destiny tells the harrowing tale of Russian Captain George E. Prujan and his escape across Siberia from the Communist forces during Red October.
Find these and all our other great aois21 titles at!