Miller Rounding Third by Tommy Reynolds

In Miller Rounding Third, debut author Tommy Reynolds traces the twined paths of baseball and the United States through a multigenerational family saga. The Miller clan exudes hustle and grit, staring down challenges and swinging for the fences to rise from obscurity to unimagined heights of fame, wealth, and respect. Yet, for one young Miller scion, taking anything for granted can lead to a fall from grace and change his fortunes forever. As the Millers round third and head for home, a vista of endless possibility stretches out before them: there are no limits to the number of innings played, but it's how you play the game that determines the outcome.




An Apology for Printers, by Benjamin Franklin


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Franklin’s Apology for Printers was written in 1731 as an article for the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin had been attacked for printing an article that was deeply unpopular, so in this piece he defended the practice and stated that it was always his duty to print the truth rather than what is popular.

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A Colored Man's Reminiscences of James Madison, by Paul Jennings


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Jennings' Reminiscences is known as the first White House memoir and comes from the freed former slave of the 4th President. He had written it after being freed by Senator Daniel Webster, and it discusses his servitude and the day that the British burned the Executive Mansion, as it was then known, and most of the capital city.

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The Will of the Magi, by Paul Dickinson Russell

The Will of the Magi is the story of Aiden, one born to fire, his father a peasant, his mother gone shortly after his birth. Born with the ability of the Magi, to channel and control one of the great elements; Fire. Born to a small, insignificant village, far away from the politics and realities of the kingdom he has been thrust into. His journey through this world will allow him, a man thought to be of no destiny, to have one greater than those of Kings and Magi. If only he can survive the perils of blood, flame, and magic.

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Daddy, Come Home!, Written and Illustrated by Joshua M. Morgan

Daddy Come Home, revolves around the flurry of activity that hits the household before Daddy comes home from work. The back and forth between the wife and two sons include the boys imagining Daddy in a variety of jobs. Created in the same style as, Pockets, the author continues to share the world of wonder created by a child’s imagination and the love two young boys have for their father.

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