aois21 presents to bring podcasts to internet radio

BlogTalkRadio will feature syndicated aois21 podcasts

As we announced in our birthday webcast, we will soon be syndicating aois21 podcasts to the internet radio station, BlogTalkRadio. This partnership will also allow us to do occasional live episodes where we can take callers and interview guests.
The full lineup will be rolled out over the next few weeks, with the exact time to be announced, but here is when you'll be able to find your favorite aois21 shows:

  • Monday - Literally This Week, broadcasting that week's episode, no reruns.
  • Tuesday - Passion on the Page, special 30 minute episodes combining multiple episodes by featured poets.
  • Wednesday - Monthly replays, this will feature our monthly podcasts, coming out the week after release. In order that will be The World's Only Podcast, Publish Me!, Between the Beltways, and I Stand. 
  • Thursday - It's Not Even Past, starting with past episodes and moving forward, in 30 minute chunks.
  • Friday - Evan Tucker Presents, we'll feature one of Evan's other podcasts, either History of the Symphony or Tales from the Old New Land.
  • Saturday - the Modern Whore half hour, past episodes of Sexed Vexed Perplexed and new episodes of Two Girls, One Joint.
  • Sunday - Monthly Replay Redux, Continued parts from the Wednesday shows, including past episodes of Publish Me! Possible time slot for live broadcast as well.

All aois21 podcasts will be featured over the course of the 90 day test run on BlogTalkRadio. Be sure to sign up today to be a listener and become a follower of aois21!
And remember to help support the aois21 podcast network by becoming a patron on Patreon or buying an ad through Advertisecast!