aois21 publishing sending the HIVE to print

Sci-fi sequel is next aois21 eBook making jump to paperback

aois21 publishing, LLC announces the next title in a series of print runs, through print on demand, of aois21 titles currently available only as eBooks. James D. King'sHIVE: Battle at the Dog Star is the second release, available soon from
HIVE: Battle at the Dog Star picks up the action generations after the events of the first novella of the series, HIVE: First Contact. In this story, a large Hive fleet is heading towards the Earth Empire, where the Fifth Imperial Fleet is the last bulwark against the insectoids and certain defeat. The Hot Spur, an experimental ship with untested weapons and an unproven captain, is thrown into the battle as a last resort. Now Captain Simba Latrobe must use his ship’s groundbreaking technology to attack the enemy, hoping to take them by surprise. Despite the long odds, Captain Latrobe steels his crew's resolve, ensuring them that, “As long as I have a ship with propulsion, I have a weapon.” Thus, the future of the Earth Empire, and humankind itself, rests in the hands of a naval officer who refuses to be defeated.
The paperback release will debut at the Maryland Writers Conference on March 25thin Annapolis. King will be on hand with Novel Books of Clarksburg. Stop by throughout the day to pick up your copy of the HIVE books and get them signed by the author.
The first book in the series, HIVE: First Contact, was released in print last spring. Readers will be able to purchase copies directly from and get a specially printed copy. Copies will also be available from aois21 directly at upcoming events such as book fairs and readings.