aois21 signs author James D. King

Retired police officer has completed a series of sci-fi novellas

Mount Vernon, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announces today the signing of James D. King for his second book, Hive: First Contact, the first in a series of novellas. King’s debut book was the true crime story Ghost Burglar, written with Jack Burch for Savage Press in 2013. Ghost Burglar was the 2013 Bronze Medal winner in the True Crime genre of the Independent Publisher Awards (IPPYs). 

Hive fleets search the galaxy for planets to eat, indulging their Hive Cycle: feed, reproduce, increase. Interstellar distance was not a concern. Time was not important. The Hive had always been and would always be. When they enter the sphere of the Earth Empire, Emperor Maximel dispatches a crusty old space navy admiral to take care of the problem. Using what he has and what he can scrape up, he takes on the alien bugs in a battle, unknowingly launching the first in a series of battles that will stretch across generations of humanity.

King is a retired police detective and served in the U.S. Navy as an electronics tech during the Vietnam era. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelors in Sociology and Psychology and embarked on a number of careers, building a wealth of experience in the process. A widower after 38 years of marriage, he spends his time writing, volunteering at a local bookstore, and caring for his children.

"I met James King at the Gaithersburg Book Festival and was excited to hear about his stories,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s publisher. "We want to make Hive the success it can be, and are grateful to add it to the diversity of our catalog."