New monthly podcast series launches this Saturday

Performing Arts podcast will feature music, storytelling

The aois21 podcast network is growing today with a new addition to its lineup, a monthly series in the mold of Prairie Home Companion, hosted by A.C. Charlap and entitled Tales From the Old New Land.

Tales From The Old New Land is a performing arts podcast featuring a story and a musical performance each month, brought to you from the mind and mouth of A.C. Charlap. Steeped in Jewish culture and his Baltimore upbringing, each tale takes us further into the mind of the reclusive Mr. Charlap and the world he sees before him.

The podcast is being hosted by Podomatic and will be available on iTunesStitcher radioGoogle Play, and online at You can keep up with Charlap on Facebook. This will be the sixth podcast in the aois21 podcast network, and the third appearing monthly. These podcasts and the aois21 video series can be found at

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