New video series launches

Aims to tell stories, provide content, in 21-second spurts

As part of the transition to aois21 media, we have aimed to realign our storytelling beyond the book. On the audio side we have done this by expanding our podcast offerings beyond those supporting our Creatives and their books. On video, we take that first step today with the release of the first six episodes of 21 seconds, a new YouTube series from aois21 video.
21 seconds is both given its mission statement and description by its title alone. Every video is 21 seconds (with a 3 second intro) and aims to capture a bit of the world to share. The videos will be a mix of function and aesthetic. By using our base in Washington, DC to generate content, we will provide clips usable for B roll in other video productions. Alternatively, we will also see to tell video short stories with this series, capturing moments you may not notice. Exploring angles you may not consider.
This is the first aois21 series that is being released on a Creative Commons license. We claim no ownership or copyright of the content once it is released. Feel free to use these videos in your own projects, all that we ask is basic attribution. You don't need to ask our permission. We won't be picking and choosing which creators and projects to support. They are all here for free.
To start, we have released six episodes, three aesthetic and three function. All are now available to view on the aois21 YouTube channel and In the future, we will release episodes two at a time, keeping that balance between form and art.
If you have your own video you would like to submit and share with the wider audience, reach out to us and we would be happy to include it in the series. All clips will be shortened to 21 seconds and we will not creators in the captions. Currently the videos do not include any production beyond the camera catching moments. No actors. No scripts. Just capturing life, 21 seconds at a time.
Take the next 21 seconds of your life to enjoy our new video series on the aois21 YouTube channel, and!