New year, new resolutions

aois21 media resolutions focus on our key growth areas

With our changed name and focus last May, this year our resolutions are division specific.

In 2018, aois21 audio resolves to . . .

  • Continue to grow listenership and audience participation.

  • Identify new sponsors and opportunities for cross promotion.

  • Complete our first audiobook and develop a pricing structure.

In 2018, aois21 video resolves to . . .

  • Step up book trailer production.

  • Launch at least one new video series with original content.

  • Grow our capability through new staff and technology.

In 2018, aois21 publishing resolves to . . .

  • Release at least three new titles.

  • Expand our catalog to grow our reader base.

  • Connect our authors with readers with regular events.

We have a lot coming up, and we want you to be a part of it!