Presenting the contributors to the 2015 aois21 annual!

25 contributors from around the world with 36 original submissions

We are happy to announce the following contributors to the aois21 annual! There works were submitted over the course of the month of August and will culminate in the second edition of our literary magazine available October 1st for $12 in print and $6 eJournal.

Our works include new short stories by aois21 Creatives Deepan Chatterjee, Ph.D and James D. King, as well as photography by Keith F. Shovlin.

In Short Stories:

  • Ian Taylor Baird

  • Jeff Deck

  • Tommy Reynolds

  • Edward St. Boniface*

  • Jan Marin Tramontano*


  • Emily Bilman*

  • Thomas Budesheim

  • Katherine Hogue*

  • Michael B. Judkins

  • Carolyn O'Neal

  • Agatha Rodi


  • Boris L. Glebov

  • P.M. Mathis*

  • Dr. Dorothy U. Seyler


  • Brendan Loper


  • Chryselle Brown*

  • Darell Tapp

Photography & Art

  • Rana Leah Gainer

  • Rebecca Head

  • Elaine Langerman*

  • Alex Thompson

  • Adam Wallick*

*Denotes those that contributed for 2014 and 2015
Today is the deadline to submit advertising for the annual. We will be releasing the cover art and announcing the printer next week, so check back here on