Presidents leads in new year

Vega's Dating dominates online sales for third straight month

Once again, American Presidents at War by Thomas P. Athridge was aois21's bestseller, coming up with strong in person sales for the fifth straight month. This title is now available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover in an expanding market. It is one of the select titles you can now get at Novel Books in Clarksburg, MD, aois21's newest retail partner. We'll be announcing some events featuring Tom this summer and give readers more opportunities to hear the war trumpets call!
This month also continued a series of strong online sales for the sexual memoir, "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore by Aylin Vega. Since these sales have continued well above expectations, we decided to give a proper shout out, naming "Dating" as the bestselling aois21 eBook for January. Though not previously awarded, "Dating" is actually on a three-month win streak for strong eBook sales. With Aylin Vega expected to return to the podcast air waves soon, hopefully this streak will bring new listeners to the Modern Whore as her stories continue to be #BetterThan50Shades.
Interested to see what's got people shelling out the dough? Stop by the aois21 market today to join the crowd!