Select aois21 podcasts now on Spotify

New partnership between Podomatic and streaming service expands possible audience

Listeners to the Literally This Week podcast heard it first. Podomatic has partnered with Spotify and LTW was one of the first podcasts shared with Spotify's 159 million listeners. Now other aois21 podcasts have been given the opportunity as well. Most of our currently running podcasts will be listed, per the submission policy to Spotify, and the webpages for each podcast will be updated accordingly.
Publish Me!, It's Not Even Past, The World's Only, Between the Beltways, and our newest series, Two Girls, One Joint, will all be available on the service shortly. You will be able to mix the aois21 content that you love with popular music feeds, videos, and concert performances. Spotify offers a free service in addition to a paid ad-free subscription.
Visit to check out all of our great audio content, including the new Two Girls, One Joint, who's introductory episode is dropping today!