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New podcast coming May 1st - Monthly series features aois21's Ian Roberts & Josh Silberman

aois21 publishing, LLC announced today a new addition to its podcasting lineup, a monthly series hosted by aois21 Creative Ian Roberts and aois21 IT consultant Joshua Silberman.

The World’s Only Podcast, subtitled “The Only Podcast in the World,” will be released on the 1st of each month and will feature a lively commentary between Roberts and Silberman on several topics that came up during the previous month. Each will give their unique views on news of the day in a civil and respectable debate studded with their entertaining opinions and attempts at humor.

The podcast is being hosted by Podomatic and will be available on iTunes, Stitcher radio, Google Play, and online at You can keep up with Roberts on twitter @IRobertsWriter and his blog at Silberman just launched his twitter @Silby_Says. This will be the 5th podcast in the aois21 podcast network, along with Passion on the Page, Publish Me!, Literally This Week, and Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed with the Modern Whore. These podcasts and the aois21 video series can be found at

“There's never been a podcast before, as far as anyone knows. That's why it's the World's Only one,” said Ian. “So we don't entirely know what this is yet, but we're grateful to aois21 for taking this bold step with us and we hope that listeners will be entertained by it.”


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