third aois21 annual to only be available electronically

Low sales and lack of retail support inspire new opportunity in electronic media

Mount Vernon, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC unfortunately announces today that the third aois21 annual, due for release on October 1st. will only be available electronically. The first two editions were produced in print and electronic formats, albeit after successful Kickstarter campaigns that covered printing and editing costs.

Submissions will still open August 1st and there will continue to be no fee for editing or registration. Contributors will still be entitled to a share of any sales, but sales are expected to remain low.

In place of the print issue, the electronic version will offer a better user experience. Instead of creating a pdf of the print version, the third aois21 annual will be a fully optimized ePUB created in iBooks Author. This will allow the annual to include musical compositions and video in addition to written works and artwork.

"It has always been a dichotomy that a epublishing house released a print literary magazine, so though this not go over well with contributors, now is the time to take this step,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s publisher. "The past two years, the annual was funded through crowdfunding. We didn’t feel comfortable going back to that well for a third straight year, and because of lacking bookseller support, we decided to take this opportunity to create something different. We’re excited to try new software and create a new experience for our readers and contributors."

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