Podcast schedule change

Poetry podcast now to be released monthly in busy schedule

The Passion on the Page poetry podcast will now be coming out less frequently, not because we are lacking in content, but in order to accommodate the growth of the overall aois21 podcast network. Starting in May, episodes will be released on the second Tuesday of each month. That way it's release will not interfere with other podcasts release, or cause a week to be stuffed with and overabundance of aois21 content, like last week was.
There will be one more episode this month as aois21 Creative Michael B. Judkins reads his poem So Amazing You're. Then it will be back two weeks later in it's new monthly position with a guest episode.
If you enjoy Passion on the Page, please remember to help "Rekindle the Passion" by pledging today at Patreon. We have been hesitant to run ads on this podcast so it needs your support to keep it going. A pledge of just $3 a month will help keep it going for the immediate future and give you access to special podcast episodes and a patrons' only blog.
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aois21 going to Gaithersburg

Fourth year in the row for May premiere book event

aois21 is happy to announce that we have been selected to exhibit once again at the premiere book event in the DC area during the Spring. The last two years have found us set up near an author tent not far from the children's area and playground. Who knows where we'll be this year, but we are more than excited to take part once again.
The festival will by May 19th on the grounds of the Gaithersburg City Hall. Guests are currently being announced at www.gaithersburgbookfestival.org. We'll update you the week of the event with what aois21 Creatives and staff will be on hand.

Athridge, Vega lead again

Both authors continue to dominate as festival season begins

American Presidents at War by Thomas P. Athridge has lead aois21's print sales for the seventh straight month while "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore by Aylin Vega has lead digital sales for five months in a row. Both books have generated increased interest and lead to new opportunities and speaking engagements for both authors.
Festival season started in Charlottesville two weeks ago and moves to Falls Church, VA, this weekend for the Possibilities Conference. It continues in two weeks with DC AuthorFest on the 21st and Kensington Day of the Book on the 21st. That means a lot of travel and a lot of chances to pick up your next great read!
Pick up any aois21 title today from the aois21 market or find out about festival season atevents.aois21.com!

Time for us to hit the road

aois21 starts the month in Falls Church, ends in Kensington

Spring has finally arrived (though the weather doesn't seem to have a calendar), and we are getting ready to hit the road. The 2018 book festival season officially kicked off this past week in Charlottesville with the Festival of the Book.
We didn't make it down but we're more than ready for the next festival, the first annual Possibilities Conference at The Clark House in Falls Church on Saturday, April 7th. It is a full-day ticketed event starting with Pancakes with Publishers and ending with a book swap with drinks. To find out more about this unique event for authors, visit ThePossibilitiesConference.com and events.aois21.com.
On April 22, we return to Kensington, MD, for the Day of the Book. We're be set up on the main street of Kensington once again and bringing several of our authors with us. We are fortunate to take part for the fourth straight year and expect excellent weather once again. For more about the event, visit dayofthebook.com.
Don't forget you'll also find us at Walls of Books in Washington, DC, on the first and third Friday's of the month. April 6, publisher Keith F. Shovlin will be on hand for Literary Game Night. Then on April 20th, the Modern Whore herself, Aylin Vega, will be hosting the Poetry Open-Mic.
Overall, we have a lot going on, and we're expecting more. With Gaithersburg coming up in May and Virginia Comicon coming up to George Mason University in June.
Keep up with all our comings and goings by visiting events.aois21.com!

Select aois21 podcasts now on Spotify

New partnership between Podomatic and streaming service expands possible audience

Listeners to the Literally This Week podcast heard it first. Podomatic has partnered with Spotify and LTW was one of the first podcasts shared with Spotify's 159 million listeners. Now other aois21 podcasts have been given the opportunity as well. Most of our currently running podcasts will be listed, per the submission policy to Spotify, and the webpages for each podcast ataudio.aois21.com will be updated accordingly.
Publish Me!, It's Not Even Past, The World's Only, Between the Beltways, and our newest series, Two Girls, One Joint, will all be available on the service shortly. You will be able to mix the aois21 content that you love with popular music feeds, videos, and concert performances. Spotify offers a free service in addition to a paid ad-free subscription.
Visit audio.aois21.com to check out all of our great audio content, including the new Two Girls, One Joint, who's introductory episode is dropping today!

The Modern Whore returns to the airwaves this month

Top-rated sexuality podcast relaunches with new name, cohost

aois21 is happy to announce a return to the podcast network by aois21 Creative Aylin Vega, reviving her top-rated sexuality podcast under a new title, and with a regular cohost. Two Girls, One Joint will follow in the digital footsteps of Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed and feature the regular contributions of cohost Drusilla Vincent.
The Modern Whore returns to the airwaves, and this time with company! Frequent Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed guest Drusilla Vincent joins Aylin Vega to share a joint. The dynamic duo will continue to shoot the shit, smoke the weed, and keep it real as they discuss a new topic each episode. From the inappropriate, R-rated sex-related experience to general hilarious observations about people and life, you will fall in love with these witty, raunchy ladies.
Regularly rated in the top 20 of sexuality podcasts on Podomatic, even after a nine-month absence, Two Girls, One Joint plans to pick up where the action left off on Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed. Subscribers to the original podcast will automatically be subscribed to Two Girls, One Joint, as it uses the same podcast feed.
The podcast is hosted by Podomatic and will be available on Apple PodcastsStitcher RadioGoogle PlayTuneIn, and at audio.aois21.com. It will be produced by Zach C. Cohen, chief of audio production, and executive produced by aois21 Publisher Keith F. Shovlin. While technically continuing a previous podcast property, this is the eleventh podcast offering from the aois21 podcast network.

Subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts and audio.aois21.com!

Athridge & Vega stay on top

Sales streaks continue for American Presidents and Dating

Another month is in the books and American Presidents at War by Thomas P. Athridge continues to be aois21's top selling book. "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore by Aylin Vega has also continued its domination of eBook sales, continuing a trend since its first release.
Both books, the first written by their respective authors, have continued to be sought out by audiences. Additional sales of other aois21 titles combined with these two have made this the best February in sales for aois21. With numerous events just around the corner and some additional formats due to be released of both bestselling titles, aois21 expects these strong sales to continue throughout 2018.
Now is the time to visit the aois21 market and get your copies and find out what everyone else is reading!

Survey deadline extended!

Participate be entered in a drawing for a $25 Visa Gift Card

One month ago we asked for your help and you have responded, but we want to know more! Do you miss Sexed Vexed Perplexed? Do you enjoy the commentary of The World's Only Podcast? Are you champing at the bit to read The Will of the Magi? Now is the time to let your voice be heard!
We're extending the deadline for another month and sweetening the deal. Not only will all participants be given 21% off their purchase from the aois21 market, but your name will also be entered in a drawing for a $25 Visa Gift Card, useable at retailers worldwide!

aois21 going to VA Comicon

Special two-day convention in Fairfax at GMU campus

aois21 is excited to announce that we will be returning to Virginia Comicon this summer as the convention leaves Richmond for a tw0-day special show in Fairfax!
As of this week, this event has already have the highest amount of interest of any Virginia Comicon so the floor will be packed with comics fans, cosplayers, and sci-fi and fantasy aficionados. We have enjoyed all of our past trips to Va Comicon in Richmond, including a two-day show last June, and we are excited for the type of show the Northern Virginia audience will find.
The Comicon will be June 9th and 10th at Dewberry Hall on the George Mason University campus. This event is paid admission so plan ahead if you want to come out. We expect the cosplay to be first class and we'll be on the lookout for literary cosplay as well.
Featured aois21 guests will be announced closer to the event. For more information, visit VaComicon.comand events.aois21.com!

Source: VaComicon.com

New podcast series goes Between the Beltways!

Special-event series will cover central Maryland politics in lead-up to 2018 midterm elections

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 media, LLC announces today a new addition to its podcasting
lineup, the political analysis series Between the Beltways, hosted by aois21 Creative Deepan Chatterjee, Ph.D., and his wife, Shreyasi Deb, Ph.D.

This political podcast series from the aois21 podcast network will explore the races that will shape the central Maryland counties of Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George's. These three counties contain six of Maryland’s seven congressional districts that will be contested this fall, as well as countywide races and statewide races for governor and senator. It will be hosted by Dr. Deepan Chatterjee, clinical psychologist, columnist, and aois21 Creative, along with Dr. Shreyasi Deb, a public policy analyst. Each episode will feature 15 minutes of analysis of news from the upcoming elections and a 15-minute interview with a candidate, academic, journalist, or local political wonk.

In addition to the podcast, Dr. Chatterjee and Dr. Deb will be tweeting @BtBeltways on Twitter
and updating a Facebook page and a Wordpress blog.

The podcast is hosted by Podomatic and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio,
Google Play, TuneIn, and at audio.aois21.com. It will be produced by Gareth Phillips, aois21
audio consultant, and executive produced by aois21 Publisher Keith F. Shovlin. This will be the
tenth podcast on the aois21 podcast network, and will be released monthly until October, then
weekly leading up to the election in November.

Presidents leads in new year

Vega's Dating dominates online sales for third straight month

Once again, American Presidents at War by Thomas P. Athridge was aois21's bestseller, coming up with strong in person sales for the fifth straight month. This title is now available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover in an expanding market. It is one of the select titles you can now get at Novel Books in Clarksburg, MD, aois21's newest retail partner. We'll be announcing some events featuring Tom this summer and give readers more opportunities to hear the war trumpets call!
This month also continued a series of strong online sales for the sexual memoir, "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore by Aylin Vega. Since these sales have continued well above expectations, we decided to give a proper shout out, naming "Dating" as the bestselling aois21 eBook for January. Though not previously awarded, "Dating" is actually on a three-month win streak for strong eBook sales. With Aylin Vega expected to return to the podcast air waves soon, hopefully this streak will bring new listeners to the Modern Whore as her stories continue to be #BetterThan50Shades.
Interested to see what's got people shelling out the dough? Stop by the aois21 market today to join the crowd!

We want to hear from you!

Surveys launch for aois21 podcasts

With the announcements last week of changes to our podcast lineup, and the third anniversary of the release of our first podcasts, Publish Me! and Passion on the Page, upon us, we have decided to take stock of our burgeoning podcast network. In order to do that, we are asking you, (yes, you!) the listeners to take a short survey on any or all of our podcast series. Even if you've only listened to one or are a diligent subscriber, your feedback will help make our shows better!
Click on the icons for each podcast to the right (or below depending on where you're reading this) and take a short 10 question survey. For your time, we will send you a promo code for 21% off at the aois21 market. The surveys will only be available during the month of February and the promo code is good through the end of March, so strike while the iron is hot!

New location alert!

Select aois21 titles now available at Novel Books in Clarksburg, MD!

We are happy to announce that Novel Books in Clarksburg, MD, is now stocking select aois21 titles! Located just off Interstate 270 near the Clarksburg Premium Outlets, this quaint bookstore is a must stop on any visit north of DC.
We are happy to partner with owner Pat Darby after meeting him at the Gaithersburg Book Festival and are eager to work with him on events featuring aois21 Creatives. Thank you, Pat, for your support of our authors and their stories!
If you've got a bookstore and are interested in carrying aois21 titles, contact us atoutreach@aois21.com!

Listen up!

Series coming and going on the aois21 podcast network.

aois21's audio offerings continue to grow in the new year. Many existing series are continuing, thanks to the strong work of aois21's Creatives and the generous support of our Patreon patrons. For those that haven't been keeping up, we wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the changes in our podcasting lineup.
First up, thanks to a profound run of inspiration, aois21 Creative Evan Tucker has been updating his history podcast, It's Not Even Past, weekly since the end of December. With each episode dropping on Thursdays, Evan has taken a unique look at the news, pop culture, and society through a historical view. Episodes are about 30 minutes long and have been growing in popularity each week.
In the meantime, his first podcast, Tales from the Old New Land is taking a break, while his educational series, History of the Symphony, has been building numbers with each monthly release. His planned second educational podcast, Modern Jewish Literature, was unfortunately cancelled due to poor attendance at the lectures. We are fortunate to work with Evan as he continues to create high quality content week in and week out.
Absent from our podcasting lineup for the past few months has been the sexuality podcast Sexed Vexed Perplexed, hosted by aois21 Creative Aylin Vega. After a twice-weekly release and weekly rerun on WDLS Internet Radio, Aylin decided to take the summer off and extended her sabbatical through the end of the year. We are happy to announce she will be returning to the airwaves, but in a new series with details to be announced. For fans of SVP, past episodes aren't going away, and be on the lookout for a special episode with Aylin announcing her new series, launching later this year.
Also launching soon will be a new podcast series hosted by aois21 Creative Deepan Chatterjee, Ph.D along with his wife, Shreyasi Deb, Ph.D. The series will focus on politics in the Maryland suburbs of DC with more details to be announced in the coming weeks. We are now busy contacting stakeholders in the local political scene for possible interviews and background information. Please contact us atoutreach@aois21.com if you have any input or want to help out.
We are also happy to announce the hiring of Gareth Phillips of Appomattox as an audio consultant providing audio engineering support to aois21 audio, assisting Zach C. Cohen, chief of audio production. Welcome to aois21, Gareth!
We're giving you a lot to listen to, and we hope you enjoy it! Be sure to visit audio.aois21.com and check out all of the great audio content we now have available!

The 2017 aois21 bestseller is:

In person sales help Athridge dominate all of 2017, close year with best month ever

aois21 had its best month of sales ever as in person sales of American Presidents at War by Thomas P. Athridge lead him to the sales lead for the final four months of the year, an narrowly beat out the previous sales leader, "Dating" as told by the Modern Whore by Aylin Vega. The two titles combined in December to give aois21 the highest number of units sold, along with free downloads of 48 Game Misconduct by Keith F. Shovlin.
As we spent the month encouraging readers to #GiveABook, the book community responded through our various distribution sites such as Lulu.com, Amazon, and iBooks. Bookstore orders were also high for American Presidents at War as more stores will be carrying on its shelves soon.
We were so happy with the turnout for the #GiveABook events that two of them will be continuing monthly as part of our partnership with Walls of Books in Washington, DC. Come on out on the First Friday of every month for Literary Game Night from 6 to 8 pm. Two weeks later, on the third Friday of the month, we'll be back with Poetry Open-Mic. Various aois21 Creatives will be taking part throughout the year either as emcee of the open-mic or participant in the game night. It's all happening in the Park View neighborhood, you won't want to miss it.
Furthermore, we have booked a new conference. The Possibilities Conference, headed up by our friends at the Possibilities Publishing Company, will be held April 7th in Falls Church, VA. We are happy to announce that we will be taking part in this unique addition to the literary calendar.
We have so much going on in the months to come and we can't wait to share it all with you! Remember to like and share these updates and check back atnews.aois21.com as more develops!

The HIVE arrives Friday!

Updates on other aois21 titles, #GiveABook Campaign

It has arrived! HIVE: A Matter of Gravity will be available this Friday in eBook and paperback! Join us at Walls of Books in Washington, DC, for the launch event from 6 to 8 pm. Author James D. King will read from his latest release and take questions from the audience. We'll be holding a cosplay contest and the best costume will win a prize!
Can't make it in person? We'll live stream the event not the aois21 Periscope feed and the book will be available on the aois21 market and everywhere books are sold!

We are happy to announce that American Presidents at War is now available in Hardcover! For just $35, you can pick up the built-to-last copy of Thomas P. Athridge's scholarly work. Available now from Lulu.com and the aois21 market. Find it soon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more!

We are also happy to announce an extra event as part of the #GiveABook campaign! We have partnered with Smashwords to offer a special rates to our fans! All aois21 eBook titles will be 25% off, but only for the last week of the month! From Christmas to New Years, you can get all of our titles for 25% off the price. In the case of titles previously sold for 99 cents, they will be free, for this week only!

Visit Smashwords.com to check it out pick up your copies of any of our great aois21 titles.

Final week to support Judkins on Indiegogo!

Help bring the Interlude to Sentimental Me! to the stage

This is the final week to help bring Michael B. Judkins' vision to a new audience through the stage play Mercury Rising, adapted from his poetry collection, Interlude to Sentimental Me! The Indiegogo project has only raised 2% of its goal, which it must reach before next Friday, December 22nd.
Last week, Judkins announced on Facebook that Union Baptist Church - Brother Knoxley and the Youth Committee would be the first venue to host the play. With a venue booked, Judkins is scheduling a table read for January and is currently looking for actors for the performance. If you are interested, message Judkins through his Facebook page or the Indiegogo campaign.
Until then, show your support by donating to the campaign. We will be rolling out some special perks for this final week, including complete collections of aois21 titles and the chance for special appearances at aois21 events.
Check out the campaign today and donate!

Presidents lead once again

Athridge's nonfiction history benefits from LOC launch event

The results are in and American Presidents at War continues to dominate in sales! November was one of aois21 strongest months for sales and it was close, but Thomas P. Athridge takes the crown once again.
American Presidents at War is now available in eBook and paperback with hardcover available soon. This past Wednesday, Athridge presented his work in a lunchtime Book Talk at the Library of Congress James Madison Memorial Building, sponsored by the Library of Congress Professional Association. Video from the event is now available on the aois21 YouTube Channel.
With so many great titles now available and more to come, visit the aois21 market today and #GiveABook this holiday season, or just get one for yourself!