aois21 announces new partnerships on birthday

Details for 5th and final aois21 annual revealed

aois21 held a birthday webcast on Tuesday night to make all the announcements we usually hold for our birthday celebration, and this year was no different. While last year saw the major change of name, logo, and focus for the company, this year's affair was more muted, opting for focused moves forward. In time, these changes should lead to major leaps for staff and Creatives alike.
In aois21's fourth year, we added two new Creatives, two new books, three new podcasts series, two new video series, went to two new book fairs, and launched a series of events at Walls of Books in Washington, DC. It has been a year of opportunity and growth, and a renewed focus, going beyond the book, but staying true to the story.
In our fifth year, we will be reassessing and refocusing our energies where we have found success. To that end, our major success has been podcast series with thousands of ears turning in to our 11 series and more on the way. This past year we added Spotify customers, thanks to their partnership with Podomatic. We're taking a further step by syndicating aois21 podcasts to the internet radio station BlogTalkRadio. Our daily program, aois21 presents, will replay past episodes as well as the new releases as they come out. The full schedule will be announced at the end of the month and may include special live episodes.
Part of moving forward means looking at what we've done in the past and realizing when it is time to move on. After dwindling sales and a large drop in submissions, we have decided that this year's aois21 annual will be the last. The lack of support from the larger literary community versus the effort necessary to complete the magazine has made it untenable. The final condition of this final annual will be up to you. Go to our Facebook page anytime before the end of the month and vote. If you want a return to a printed annual, then vote and we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to cover the cost in June. If you prefer it to stay digital, then we will move forward as planned.
As we have dealt with a number of issues over the past four years, we have always had to step lightly in certain directions as we lacked legal support to provide guidance. That is no longer a problem as we are now partnering with the Washington Alliance of Lawyers for the Arts. As a participating organization, their lawyers will be available to us for guidance and support. Also, we will be able to call on them to appear on aois21 podcasts as subject matter experts. We can only succeed if we have a strong team working together. With WALA joining our team, we can aim even higher!
To find out more about these announcements and look back at our past year, visit our!