Changes upcoming at the aois21 podcast network

Shows returning, new open call for audio team staff

The aois21 podcast network has been buzzing this month with footnote episodes of the Publish Me! podcast, but there is more to come in the months ahead.
In December, there will be two editions of The World's Only Podcast. In addition to the regular rundown of the headlines for November posting next week, there will a special episode coming on New Year's Eve. In this, we gathered together several stories from throughout the year that were cut for time but still had a degree of relevance. These "5th Segments" will begin being released on our Patreon account in the new year, so click here and become a patron in order to access this bonus audio material.
Three aois21 podcasts will be returning from hiatus in the new year. Passion on the Page will be back with new audio recorded at the Poetry Open-Mics at Walls of Books. I Stand will return with a second season of interviews after getting a huge response from a posting on
Tales from the Old New Land is being rebooted! The original Tales is now redubbed as Tales from the Old New Land: Rough Draft. All of those episodes will still be available but nothing more will be added except an update about the relaunch. The new version will be premiering soon with a new vision to carry the series forward.
It is with sadness that announce the departure of Zach C. Cohen, our Chief of Audio Production over the past 18 months. Zach recently started a new position in addition to getting married so he has decided to leave as of the today. We are eternally grateful for all Zach has done and wish him well in all endeavors in the future!
Though his departure is unfortunate, it spawns an opportunity. We are now looking for anyone interested in joining our audio staff. Several podcast series are now in need of producers to guide them from recording to release. All levels of audio training are welcome. Training will be provided if necessary. Workload depends on availability.
If you are interested in joining our audio team or have any other questions, feel free to contact us at!